Orlando Florida 


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Scott Christianson

Director of Photography

           Amazon River Productions is an Indie Film Studio that offers all stages of production, from the initial story or idea through casting, shooting, editing, screening and script writing to complete a TV show, series theatrical film release or as simple as a Blue Ray. With a Professional camera crew we can capture in 5k HD on a Red Scarlet with a full set Rokinon Cine and Lomo Lenses.  Pro audio with Sennheiser Mic ported into a Tascam DR-60 MKII Recorder in studio or on location. We can capture your ideas on green screen or even voice over a professional audio studio. Creating budgeted Full Feature Films, Short films, Audition Videosand Demo reels as well as Sports events.  Recording Studio fit for band recordings, soloist audio CD’s, audio book, demo reels and voice over audio also available.

Red Scarlet 5K/ Cine Lenes

Access to a 
Professional Sound Studio